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Investing in Your Future

CoStarter provides opportunity to invest in your future through solid, tangible, and connected partnerships with industry.

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Job Creation and Global Development

CoStarter's strategy of replacing debt with profit sharing enables Client/Operator businesses to remain healthy, robust, survive down-turns, and create more jobs.

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Managed Peer to Peer Funding

CoStarter manages your funding contract to ensure both parties perform as specified. This provides for a more positive experience between Client/Operator and crowd funders.

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Increased Income Through Collective Efforts

When large numbers of people come together and pool their resources, it is easy to finance large projects with minimal risk.

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Profit in an Age of Increasing Automation

Only those who own the robots will profit from them. CoStarter helps you own these technologies through collective efforts of people like you.

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Bringing Everyone Together


People that want to invest their funds through a more transparent and meaningful mechanism; people who want to be part of something that is producing income from which they can directly benefit. When crowds join together to pool resources almost anything can be accomplished. By joining CoStarter you join like-minded individuals working for each other’s common good.


An organization of those who have organized to pool resources for a specific project and to jointly share in that projects profits. When you elect to fund a project and that project achieves its funding goal, you along with others who committed become part of an Earning Community. You work as a team monitoring your investment, sharing profits, and making sure your money is working as promised.


Businesses who need funding to increase their revenue, businesses who want to abandon debt and use "share the risk/share the profits" to fund their next round of growth. CoStarter introduces partnerships between community and business where both share risk and profits. This creates a much more robust environment so business can keep prospering and providing jobs.

How it Works

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